2023 Varsity Football Schedule

Games are scheduled by the NPSL and are subject to change based on other factors (officials, stadiums, etc...)


Game 1: Friday, September 1st, 6pm

Auburn @ Prairie HS (Vancouver, WA) (Game is at District Stadium @ Battle Ground HS)


Game 2: Friday, September 8th, 7pm

Thunder Mountain HS (AK) vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 3: Friday, September 15th, 7pm

Auburn Mountainview vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 4: Thursday, September 21st, 7pm

Mt. Rainier vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 5: Thursday, September 28th, 7pm

TJ vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 6: Friday, October 6th, 7:30pm - TAYLOR TROPHY GAME

Kent-Meridian vs. Auburn (@Troy Field)


Game 7: Thursday, October 12th, 6pm

Auburn @ Kentlake (@ French Field)


Game 8: Thursday, October 19th, 7pm

Auburn @ Todd Beamer (@ FW Memorial)


Game 9: Friday, October 27th, 7:30pm

Auburn Riverside @ Auburn (@Troy Field)


2023 CTeam Schedule

CTeam Schedule is subject to change because of stadium availability this year.  Please check back regularly and talk to your player about our schedule.


Game 1: Friday, September 8th, 4pm

Thunder Mountain HS (AK) vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 2: Monday, September 18th, 6pm

Auburn @ Auburn Mountainview HS


Game 3: Monday, September 25th, 6:30pm

Auburn @ Mt. Rainier HS


Game 4: Monday, October 2nd, 4pm

Auburn @ Thomas Jefferson HS


Game 5: Monday, October 9th, 4pm

Auburn @ Kent-Meridian HS (French Field)


Game 6: Thursday, October 16th, 4pm

Kentlake vs. Auburn (@ Troy Field)


Game 7: Monday, October 23rd, 5:30pm

Auburn @ Tahoma HS


Game 8: Monday, October 30th, 4pm

Auburn @ Auburn Riverside HS