2023 Season

Game 5 vs. Thomas Jefferson

Game 4 vs. Mt. Rainier

Game 3 vs. Auburn Mountainview

Game 2 vs. Juneau-Douglas/Thunder Mountain

Game 1 @ Prairie

2022 Season

Game 10 vs. Southridge

Game 9 vs. Auburn Riverside

Game 8 vs. Todd Beamer

Game 7 vs. Kentlake

Game 6 @ Kent-Meridian (Taylor Trophy Game)

Game 5 vs. TJ

Game 4 @ Mt. Rainier

Game 3 @ Auburn Mountainview

Game 2 @ Mercer Island

Game 1 vs. Prairie

2020 (March 2021) Season

Coming Soon

2019 Season

Week 10- Auburn vs Kentlake

Week 9- Auburn @ Thomas Jefferson

Senior Night Family Photos

Week 8- Auburn vs Decatur

Week 7- Auburn vs Kentridge

Week 6- Auburn vs KM "Taylor Trophy Game"

Week 4- Auburn vs TJ

Week 3-Auburn vs Mountainview

Week 2-Auburn vs Auburn Riverside

Week 1- Auburn vs Tahoma

2018-19 Season

Auburn vs Ingraham

Auburn vs Federal Way

Auburn vs Kentridge

Auburn vs Auburn Mountainview--Homecoming 2018

Auburn vs Kentlake 2018

Auburn vs KM-2018

Auburn vs Riverside-2018

Auburn vs Tahoma - 2018-

2017-18 Season

Auburn vs Kentridge Game Photos (35-0 win)

Senior Night Photos

Free Senior Night Photos

Courtesy of Auburn Trojan Football and Brian Keller Photography.  Click the link for a free download of your photo.  (Look for the download button)

*In all galleries below, if you wish to remove the watermark from the photo, select the buy option for a $2 digital copy, that will download without the watermark.

Game Photos vs Riverside (48-28 loss)

Game Photos vs Beamer (39-7 loss)

Game Photos vs Federal Way (24-21 win)

Game Photos vs Mountainview (30-17 loss)

Game Photos vs Enumclaw (29-7 loss)

Game Photos vs TJ (19-13 win)

Game Photos vs Decatur (42-27 win)

Game Photos vs Tahoma! (35-33 win)

Game Photos vs KM! (62-28 win)